Working in the Netherlands and Belgium

Every day about 1000 employees work for DeGraaf on the most challenging projects! We arrange everything for you! Great work, great colleagues. And we take care of all matters relating to wage, permits, contracts, transport and accommodation! Do what you’re good at or want to be good at, be part of a team where you feel at home. We think this is important. So you can come and work in the Netherlands without having to worry about anything. If you’re happy, then so are we!

Carefree working at DeGraaf…..

…. good primary employment conditions. We make sure that you always receive your wage on time.


…. accommodation where you can relax after the working day. We think privacy is very important. So we make sure you have all the privacy you need in our houses!


…. Wi-Fi during your stay. Because all our houses have Wi-Fi, you can stay in contact with your friends and family back home or just relax and enjoy a good film!


…. your transport so that you can get to work easily! We also arrange your transport to the Netherlands.


…. support. During your work you can always count on our support and guidance. We’re always there for you if you need us.


…. safe certified PPE. We comply with the highest standards. This means that your safety always comes first – for us and for our customers.


…. training. No certificates or diplomas yet? At DeGraaf you can start a training course and/or gain work experience.

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