About DeGraaf International

Who are we?

DeGraaf International has almost 30 years’ experience with flexible working within the technical market.
The aim of DeGraaf International is to take away the worry as much as possible for customers and candidates and to answer any questions in the area of employment and the flexible use of skilled workers in technology. Our consultants make every effort to cover all possible questions. Within DeGraaf International we have motivated technicians who can start work for you quickly. With our international cover we offer a customised service and can provide multinationals with technical personnel for major projects!

Our services

Our qualified technical staff have an eye for quality and service. This means that in many cases we can provide the right technical personnel for any technological work field in the area of flexible working. We go a step further than most agencies; based on our long-standing presence and involvement in technology we understand your requirements and can place the right technician in the right function. Services offered by DeGraaf International include: Secondment, Temporary Employment, Recruitment and Selection and even Payroll Services. In addition, via our label DeGraaf Engineering and sole trader mediation service we fulfil the growing demand for specialists in this area.

DeGraaf’s aim

“DeGraaf Groep is the most reliable technical service provider in the technical work area. As it is an open and flexible organisation itself, DeGraaf International offers insight, participation and certainty for its customers. Based on this, for almost 30 years we have been offering the optimum solution for anyone with technical ambitions.’’

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Direct contact with DeGraaf - International?