Working in the Netherlands and Belgium at DeGraaf International

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Working in the Netherlands and Belgium

Every day about 1000 employees work for DeGraaf on the most challenging projects! We arrange everything for you! Great work, great colleagues. And we take care of all matters relating to wage, permits, contracts, transport and accommodation! Do what you’re good at or want to be good at, be part of a team where you feel at home.

Lithuania VCA Training

With more than 1.5 million qualified professionals and 15,000 certified companies, VCA is the standard in safe, healthy and sustainable working. VCA certificate stands for health, safety and environment regulations (SHE). This system is a tried and tested programme in which various Dutch industrial sectors have bundled 25 years of knowledge and experience. Because DeGraaf is committed to health and safety at work, we are VCA certified.


Technical staff DeGraaf International

Want to work in technology? Are you looking for a technical position in which you can gain experience or can follow a training course? Then contact DeGraaf International to find out about the opportunities. By means of a personal interview, we ensure that you are placed in the job that’s right for you. At DeGraaf International you’ll have the opportunity to work on lots of different projects. Want to work in construction or in the petrochemical, energy or process industry? Then DeGraaf International is the company for you. In the Netherlands there are also lots of opportunities for further training and courses!

Working in the Netherlands and Belgium at DeGraaf International

At DeGraaf International we make all the arrangements for you to come and work in the Netherlands. We take care of your accommodation and always pay your wage on time. In the Netherlands there is lots of work for technical staff and you can also follow training courses here. We also arrange your transport so that you are mobile and can travel to work independently. Want to know more about what DeGraaf International can offer you? Read more on the page “Working in the Netherlands”.


DeGraaf International
 for employers

DeGraaf International takes care of flexible work in a variety of forms for your organisation - secondment, temporary employment, recruitment and selection. You can fully rely on us as your partner in flexible working. For more than 25 years DeGraaf has been supplying various personnel services in technology. We have extensive experience in the following sectors: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Installation Engineering, Scaffolding & Insulation. DeGraaf stands for personal and expert service.

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